Welcome to the home of PHYLACINE, a global database for late Quaternary mammals.

PHYLACINE is a database that features:

Read the article

To read the original article in Ecology go here.

Download the data

To download the archival version of PHYLACINE (Version 1.2.0) or to read our detailed metadata, vist our page on DataDryad.

To see the latest development version of PHYLACINE (Also Version 1.2.0 as we haven’t updated anything yet), check out our GitHub repo.

Try out the data

We have some example code at our GitHub site to help you easily create a map and phylogeny of Australian megafauna.

Cite the data

To cite PHYLACINE, please use the following:

Faurby, S., Davis, M., Pedersen, R. Ø., Schowanek, S. D., Antonelli, A., & Svenning, J.C. (2018). PHYLACINE 1.2: The Phylogenetic Atlas of Mammal Macroecology. Ecology.

Also, please cite the underlying large datasets that were used to make PHYLACINE. Details on these datasets and their respective citations can be found in the PHYLACINE 1.2 metadata.

If you would like high resolution copies of the PHYLACINE logo for your presentations, we have both a colored version and a black and white version that you may use.

Report errors

If you have an error to report or a suggestion to improve the database, please contact us through this form.

Check out our Most Wanted List

You can also help us out by taking a look at our Most Wanted List of species with missing data. Recognize any names and know where we could find data about their diet or body mass? Please drop us a line. Species with large ranges and imprecise phylogenetic imputations are ranked highest.

Help develop the next version of PHYLACINE

If you would like to see the latest development version of PHYLACINE or start a pull request, please visit our GitHub repo.

PHYLACINE 1.2 is a collaboration between Gothenburg University and MegaPast2Future, a multidisciplinary, international working group housed at Aarhus University in Denmark. If you would like to know more about us, visit our main page. If you are interested in other work we are doing on GitHub, check out our GitHub site.

CC0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons 0 License.